Intimate Skin Spa

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Intimate Skin Spa offers an array of Massages, Skin Care Treatments and Body waxing. It is our aim at Intimate Skin Spa to assist you in reaching your ultimate goal in outer and inner beauty. Whether it be to correct any problems pertaining to your skin, ease tired muscles and relieve stress or simply removing unwanted hair. 

Here at Intimate Skin Spa we believe that whatever is happening on the outside is a reflection of what is happening on the inside. Everyday life and stress can cause all kinds of havoc on our bodies including your skin. Especially if we don't know how to properly balance it. 

Receiving a treatment here at Intimate Skin Spa isn't just about getting a massage or a facial. It is a safe and peaceful place to let go of the outside world.


A Cozy, Intimate, and Elegant Atmosphere

Experience it for yourself 

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2345 4th St, Suite B
Santa Rosa, Ca, 95404

(707) 595-1842

By Appointment Only

Monday:         10am- 7pm
Tuesday:        10am- 7pm
Wednesday:   10am- 7pm
Thursday:       10am- 7pm    
Friday:            10am- 7pm
Saturday:       10am-  5pm
Sunday:          Closed

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